Our first post! Welcome to the Talking Egg.

Hello earth friends, and welcome to the Talking Egg!

This is Meena, writing our first ever post on the blog. And yes, the Talking Egg involves two of us! That’s myself, Meena and my co-writer, co-founder and close friend, Lena. We will be the main writers you will see writing on this very website, however there will also be other writers that will share their fun stories.

Now, most of you must be confused and wondering, ‘what in the world is this random blog that is pretending that we have been friends for decades?’ My answer to that (standoffish) question is, if you do continue to follow the blog and enjoy what we have to write, we will be friends, so do not be a stranger! The internet is a fun playground for all of us, and the more the merrier.

Without further ado (and as a way to break the ice), let me introduce you to us, the project and its goals ahead.

Who are we?

We are two girls. That love writing. And reading. Check out ‘About us’ for more details on what we love… However, we will keep it on the low on who we really are. Makes things more interesting.

So what is the Talking Egg?

Now, you will see there is a segment in our blog that will explain this as well, but we will also be saying it again here, as it is our first post, and it is always pleasant to get off on the right foot with these things. The Talking Egg is a collaboration between Lena and myself (Meena), two strong writers and academic nerds at heart. The project came to be when we were talking on the phone (long distance friendships, am I right?) and discussing how there seem to be numerous platforms with many followers that do not seem to really discuss what we consider intellectually interesting. There are of course, also plenty of resources on the internet that we follow and enjoy learning from, however those just do not seem to be getting the spotlight and attention they deserve. Feeling a bit down about the status quo, we thought, ‘why not create that space ourselves?’ A space where we can be smart, proud and loud women, feminists, WOC (women of colour for those that do not know) and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Other stories of course emerge from having such a mixed intersectional identity, such as stories of immigration, class struggles, questions on sexuality, our relationship to the world… As well as simpler stories on what it is to be who one is. Regardless of the background from which one comes from. Simply, me.

We all know sometimes our given identities can overshadow other aspects of ourselves, sides we would like to show the world. That is what the Talking Egg strives towards. Giving people a space to share a slice of themselves, without being ashamed of who they are, what they believe in, or what they want to become. In this manner, the Talking Egg strives to become a platform as well as a safe place, not just for us but also for other similar (academic) nerds that have a strong calling for expressing their own interests and views, whether it be about cultural things such as books and cinema, or opinion pieces on the current state of our political and social structures.

You have probably already guessed, but this means it will not just be Lena and myself writing, but other guest writers! Friends, family, community members, sometimes, even strangers that we relate to. All sorts of identities and stories mixed into the melting pot that is the Talking Egg. Doesn’t that sound like good fun?

Now last thing, as I’m sure you are tired of ‘reading’ from me. We will be posting weekly, updates on Sunday CEST as we are based in Europe (try to guess where we are both at), a post from myself and a post from my dearest Lena.

I promise it’ll be all fun, if not fun, interesting for sure. And it does not hurt anyone to follow us, just click on the ‘subscribe’ button below to get our updates. If you want to support our project and are interested, follow us on our social media handles (Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Reddit), we post every once in a while, and again, I promise there will only be fun, if not fun, interesting things to see.

And of course, if you have any suggestions on what you would want us to write about/who we could invite to write here, no problem, give us a small email or write us a comment down below.


Meena (and Lena!)

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