Information on our posting schedule and our types of monthly recurring posts

Hi earth friends, and welcome to the Talking Egg!

Just here today writing up a quick news update on our posting schedule here on the Talking Egg. You’ll find this in our ‘What is the Talking Egg?’ segment as well, however it is always handy to make an official announcement for these things. As mentioned in our first post, we post every week on Sundays, CEST. However, we did not mention the different types of monthly recurring posts, i.e. types of posts that you can look forward to every month! One has already been out and hot on our blog, and that is our monthly Intersectional book club with Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Without further ado, here is a list of the monthly recurring posts that all of you will be able to look forward to:

Intersectional book club: as its name indicates, with this book club, we intend to introduce authors that are from countries that are heard very little from, that have identities that may be intersectional and fascinating, that touch upon topics that are not necessarily considered mainstream. This of course does not mean that we won’t mention the occasional, popular, classic favourite if they deserve a shoutout that month, with an amazing bestseller that deserves reviewing. It just means that our main goal is to give a shoutout to authors that may not be as known as your average Jane Austen and J.K. Rowling.

Poetry spotlight: with this, a new poem will be introduced monthly, that is by a non English-speaking author. We hope to spread wonderful poetry that has yet to be translated (or does not have many different translations), by introducing you to the poem, its translation (that we will be doing), the author and a short analysis on what we think of the poem. Let’s give these amazing poets the publicity they deserve, and let their work be understood and enjoyed outside of their own country!

Movie/series recommendation: as the title indicates, a classic form of recommendation, either of a movie or a series. Knowing what the Talking Egg is like, however, you can probably anticipate that it’ll be recommendations that go along the lines of feminism, LGBTQ+ themes, sometimes out of the box of Western normative productions (e.g. next month’s might just be on an Iranian movie).

Other monthly and possibly weekly recurring post formats and types will eventually come, as you can guess with our multiple ‘coming soon’ themes in our blog posts segment – but do not worry, everything will be revealed and come about with time. And of course, we will keep you up to date with another news post when there are new updates!

Love and moon prism power,


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