A documentary review of Taxi Sister (2011)

Hi earth friends, and welcome to┬áthe Talking Egg! Today we have a documentary review/critique on a short documentary about Taxi Sisters in Senegal. It is quite the fascinating topic, and I thought I would take on and write up through a narrower feminist lens on the documentary. Taxi Sister overall shows scenes that correspond andContinue reading “A documentary review of Taxi Sister (2011)”

Our first post! Welcome to the Talking Egg.

Hello earth friends, and welcome to the Talking Egg! This is Meena, writing our first ever post on the blog. And yes, the Talking Egg involves two of us! That’s myself, Meena and my co-writer, co-founder and close friend, Lena. We will be the main writers you will see writing on this very website, howeverContinue reading “Our first post! Welcome to the Talking Egg.”